Who loves In N Out?! I love In N Out!

So, I’m gonna throw you guys back into the past few days.

Sorry I’ve been a little M.I.A. Some things are just BORING over here these days and its hard to find something to write about every single day sooo I’ve decided…….I can try!  Woohoo!

I’ve been basically double dating with some teenagers for the past 6 hours. Not saying it wasn’t fun because it was but it makes me feel old…..ish. Ugh. Please. Let’s not talk about it.

Instead let’s talk about the fact that I’ve found an ‘in n out’ 3 hours away from me! Why am I so excited? 3 hours is a long ways away! Right. But its closer than taking a plane to California or Arizona just to get the most amazing food, EVER. So, yes next weekend we are driving 3 hours away to get a burger lmao. That sounds horrible but I don’t care. Also not good for my “diet” I’ve been trying to keep. You know those diets we all claim to be on but one cheat day ends up turning into two then three then so on. I mean I haven’t had 3 straight cheat days( or have I?)but it seems like it. Eating healthy seems so boring but that’s okay, I just haven’t gotten the hang of it yet. I wish we were just born to automatically know how to eat healthy.

Yesterday, I don’t even know what happened yesterday. Oh, yeah. We watched that animated movie ‘Sing’ online. Its so cute!!! Now what’s better Sing or Zootopia?? Hard choice. But I do have to say that Tori Kelly’s voice is amazing and in my opinion, is better than Ariana Grande’s voice. Tori Kelly is underrated.

Nothing really happened at all this weekend. Wow. My life is freaking fun. Ha! Tomorrow just gets even better because its cleaning day. I mean laundry and picking up everything else in my room, laundry, bathroom duty, and did I mention laundry??

But let me tell you this, I’ll just post a few throwback stories that are more interesting. Maybe some things you can relate to.

BTW, thank you to the two people who read the open letter to my biological mother. It means a lot to me that someone starred it, let alone viewed it. I guess I just wrote it out loud for myself and my mom. Dealing with her death and my biological family’s shun has been really hard but God has a plan, like always. I have to focus on the family I’ve started of my own.



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