My first blog!!

I’m not usually so great at this blog stuff but here I am at 21 years old and I’ll try it again. Let’s get this get to know you stuff out of the way:

I’m Kara.

I’m 21.

I’m married.

I’m adopted.

I love animals (I have 2 dogs but live with 6).

Yes, 6 dogs.

I’ve got 5 siblings total (that I know of)

I had a YouTube that I loved dearly but had to delete it due to stalkers (shout out to my #1 haters).

I don’t really know what else to say at the moment. Its 4:30am and I can’t sleep. You guys have those nights where it seems like the world is against you and you’re just deep in your thoughts? Yeah you do. We’ve all been there. I can’t help but think so much that I’ve become a zombie when I’m around people because I’m always zoned out and THINKING. Why can’t we go to simple…..simpler times like high school? I wasn’t ready to graduate and be out here in the real world. I wasn’t ready to have no friends or make decisions on my own. Or was I? I mean, I did make my own decision to move to new York city after I graduated and well, that worked out well (obviously) because I’m back where I started. My small hometown where gossip is everybody’s number one priority. That’s why I can’t stand living here. Who wants to live in a place where people have nothing better to do than talk about each others lives? Nobody. At least not me. That’s not the life I want to live but how do you make that change with not enough money? Patience. And by that I mean, I have none. Ughh. I wish I knew how to handle money back when I won the lottery. Yes, I won $50k in 2015 (all because i bought a scratch off from a gas station but i just needed change for a $100 to get food from in n out, true story) and how is it gone already you ask? Well for starters: taxes. Stupid taxes. They took well a little less than half. Then I had to pay a good bit towards a car accident that wasn’t my fault I mean it was but it shouldn’t have been. I was faulted because of my permit. And the rest, I spent helping people that I thought were worth helping but it turns out that people are very manipulative when it comes to money so. Here I am. But I did find the love of my life in the midst of all of my mess. God blessed me in many ways that I wasn’t fully aware of. But now I’m struggling in ways that I don’t think there are solutions to. Another story for another blog. Cash me tomorrow, howbow dah? (Stupidest thing to ever become famous) ✌


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